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Ringtones and Images:
Personalize Your Cell Phone

Cell Phone Ringtones and ImagesYou have picked the cell phone that's right for you. Now you want to make it reflect your unique personality and style.

Do it by personalizing your cell phone with ringtones, wallpapers, images, accessories and services.

Learn how to personalize your cell phone by reading our helpful guides, unbiased reviews, cool stuff and best buys.


  1. Mobilook Guides – for personalizing and customizing your mobile phone
  2. Best Buys and Cool Stuff
  3. Free Cell Phone Wallpaper Images
  4. Ringtone and Image Providers
  5. Make Your Own Ringtones (sound-file editing programs)
  6. Cover (face-plate) and Case Vendors

1. Mobilook Guides

2. Best Buys and Cool Stuff

Products for personalizing your mobile phone that are great value, very innovative or simply wow:

  • Billboard Top Ringtones Chart – Billboard Magazine's list of top-selling ringtones is compiled from the main ringtone providers to the U.S. market.
  • Billboard Music Charts – Weekly chart of top retail, radio and digital songs. A subscription to Billboard.biz is required for full chart data.
  • Teen Buzz "Mosquito" Ringtone – High-frequency sound that older people can not hear. Great for receiving SMS alerts in school class. In the U.S. at fork.com. In the U.K. at Compound Security Systems Ltd.

3. Free Cell Phone Wallpaper Images

4. Ringtone and Image Providers

To personalize your mobile phone, there are many websites that offer ringtones of various music/sound styles, artists and qualities. For good ringtone and image selection and service, Mobilook recommends the following providers:

Entertainment (Music, Movies and TV)

  • American Idol – Ringtones and ringback tones of current and previous contestants. Only for AT&T subscribers.
  • Black Entertainment TV – Music ringtones.
  • Bratz Mobile Cell Phone – Ringtones, wallpapers, screensavers and games. By MGA Entertainment.
  • CMT Mobile – Music network offers headlines, features, concert listings, reviews, history and chat. Ringtones and wallpapers.
  • Comedy Central Wireless – Cable TV channel of comedy TV shows, stand-up comedy and jokes. Ringtones (real audio clips of funny sounds, show clips, and humorous phrases), graphics and games.
  • Country Music TV Mobile – Ringtones and wallpapers.
  • Def Jam Mobile – Partnered with hip-hop visionary Russell Simmons, offers exclusive mobile content for the urban market. Ringtones, images and games.
  • Disney Mobile – Games, ringtones, graphics and greetings. By Disney Enterprises and Pixar Animation Studios.
  • Fuse Wireless – Fuse TV, a U.S.-based all-music, viewer-influenced television network, provides music fans with the hottest new music, games, alerts and mobile Web (mobile.fuse.tv).
  • GrooveTouch – Large selection of ringtones, wallpapers and videos for mobile phones. Available via 90 wireless carriers worldwide.
  • iTunes for Mobile Phone – Download music tracks from Apple iTunes. Available to Cingular Wireless subscribers with Motorola SLVR handsets.
  • Marvel Comics: Mobile – Wallpapers, screensavers, tones and games of super-heroes: Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Incredible Hulk, Blade and Elektra.
  • MSN Mobile Entertainment – Ringtones, graphics and games. Microsoft Network.
  • MTV Mobile Ringtones – Polyphonic and DigiTone (actual song) ringtones of movie awards, rock, pop, hip-hop, indie and soul sounds.
  • MyStrands Mobile – Music sharing site and application for Windows and Symbian Series 60 phones.
  • Napster Mobile – Songs, ringtones, wallpaper and more for Cingular and SunCom subscribers.
  • Nickelodeon – US TV network with entertainment for kids. Get ring tones and character graphics of top Nickelodeon TV hits, such as SpongeBob SquarePants, The Fairly OddParents, Dora the Explorer and Jimmy Neutron. Available from Verizon Wireless and Virgin Mobile USA.
  • Playboy Mobile – Adult images, reviews and Q&A for men. Also Playboy Sex Cells intimate amateur photos and videos.
  • Seventeen: 17 Mobile – Young woman's beauty and fashion magazine. Ringtones and wallpapers.
  • Sony Music Box – Large selection of ringtones distributed by Sony BMG.
  • Sony Music Mobile – Ringtones and wallpapers of popular music, film and dance.
  • Star Wars (at Cingular) – Exclusive Star Wars graphics, ringtones, games and more at Cingular.
  • Star Wars (at THQ Wireless: Ringtones) – Star Wars ringtones. Also Star Wars Wallpapers.
  • Universal Music Mobile International – Paris-based provider of ringtones, mastertones, ringback tones, voicemail greetings and games. French-language.
  • VH1 Mobile – US cable TV channel with pop culture music and movies. Ringtones, graphics and music store.
  • Warner Bros. Studios Mobile – Games, ringtones and wallpapers of Batman, Scooby-Doo, Looney Tunes, DC Comics, plus movie and TV shows such as The O.C.


Other Categories and Themes

  • Barack Obama – U.S. presidential election 2008 Democratic party candidate. Ringtones and wallpapers.
  • Beliefnet Mobile – Ringtones, audiotones and images with religious or spiritual themes.
  • MobileGay – Ringtones, wallpapers and videos for gays.
  • Univision Móvil – Spanish- and English-language content for Hispanic cell phone users in the US, Mexico, Canada, Latin America and Spain. Ringtones, games, wallpapers, audio tones, news and greetings.

General Vendors and Portals

  • 3Guppies.com – Large selection of ringtones, screensavers, games and accessories. Top-rated vendor. Formerly 3GUpload.
  • AOL Mobile Ringtones – Browse ringtones by category. Owned by America Online.
  • Boltblue – Ringtones, wallpapers and games. Free ringtones and logos.
  • CardBoardFish Mobile – Free ringtones and logos. SMS or WAP download.
  • DadaMobile US – Good selection of ringtones, wallpapers and games.
  • Esato – Good selection of ringtones, wallpapers, themes and Java games via WAP download. A lot of non-English content.
  • FreeMobileFun – Shared download site has large selection of free wallpapers.
  • FunMobile US – Ringtones, logos, wallpaper and games.
  • Glu Mobile Tones – Ringtones, voice tones, ringback tones.
  • InfoSpace Mobile – Producer and publisher of ringtones, images and games. Search the Partners page to find a provider.
  • Jamster – Ringtones, images, logos, wallpapers, games, software, text alerts. International sites for 12 countries. Top-rated vendor. In Canada, Jamster.ca.
  • MIDIRingTones – Library of over 2,000 ringtones in 40 categories, plus audio tones, images, games and more.
  • M-Lab – Wallpapers, ringtones, TrueTones, Photo Lab (create your own mobile content), Americas Best Mobile Pix.
  • Mobtastic – Good site for ringtones, images and games. No subscription or membership required.
  • Mobile1Ringtones.com – Good site for ringtones, ring sounds, mobile wallpaper and phone games. Serving mobile phones worldwide.
  • Mobile9 – Shared download site has large selection of free themes, ringtones, wallpapers, screensavers and logos.
  • Mobiles24 – Ringtones, images and games.
  • Modtones – Hip ringtones, song tones and wallpapers. Formerly Faith West.
  • MonsterTones – Polyphonic (melody) and MP3 (not artist's original recording) ringtones and wallpapers. Some discount ringtones. Subscription service.
  • MoreMobile – Lists of suppliers of ringtones, images and games.
  • Moviso – Ringtones, graphics and games. Formerly YourMobile.
  • MP3 – Music download site with some ringtones. Some free music.
  • MyTinyPhone – Large selection of ringtones and wallpapers on shared community.
  • On My Mob – Ringtones, images and games.
  • Play.com Mobile – Good selection of ringtones, graphics and games at various prices. Only for U.K. mobile phone networks.
  • Ringophone – Large selection of ringtones, wallpapers and games.
  • RingToneChannel – Ringtones, downloads and premium mobile services.
  • RingToneJukeBox.com – Ringtones, wallpapers, voice ringers, sound effects tones, comedy tones, and games. Top-rated vendor. Pay per item.
  • Ringtone Nation – Good selection of ringtones, free ringtones, and images. U.K.-based.
  • Ringtones.ca – Subscription ringtones, wallpapers and screensavers. For Canadian carriers.
  • Ringtones-Graphics-Games – Music, pictures, games and videos.
  • RollingStone Ringtones – From Rolling Stone and Dwango Wireless.
  • The In Crowd – Subscription service to receive promotional and personal text messages from celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, John Salley and Xzibit.
  • The Mob – Premier subscription club for ringtones, wallpapers, voice ringers, games and alerts.
  • Thumbplay – Subscription service with large selection of ringtones, videos, games and graphics.
  • THQ Wireless – Ringtones, wallpapers, screensavers, games. Also THX Wireless U.K.
  • Tones4Free – Free Nokia ringtones. U.K.-based.
  • Tucows Mobile – Ringtones, wallpapers, screen-savers and games.
  • xringer – Polyphonic ringtones.
  • Zedge – Mobile community with image tools and gallery of ringtones, wallpapers and games.
  • Zingy – Ringtones, images and games.

Wireless Carriers, MVNOs and Resellers

Cell Phone Handset Manufacturers

5. Make Your Own Ringtones

You can make your own ringtones with ringtone and sound-file editing programs such as:

  • Apple GarageBand – Music creation software for Macintosh computers. Choose songs from iTunes library, create ringtones, and export them to iPhone.
  • Audacity – Free open-source audio-editing software exports to MP3 music format. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • How to Make Ringtones from Music Tracks for Free – Mobilook news article.
  • Karaoke Tones – Service lets customers create their own ringtones or ringback tones with their own voice or with pre-recorded music. Available from 35 North American wireless service providers.
  • Magix Ringtone Maker – Full-featured software for making ringtones.
  • Mobile17 – Online program creates ringtones and graphics from music and pictures. Free service. Good, but lacks some features.
  • Motorola MotoMixer – Web-based application lets users remix or compose original sound tracks for Motorola phones.
  • Motorola Phone Tools – Desktop software for creating your own ringtones and adding personal pictures or videos to your Motorola phone. Download from a retailer such as Handango. About $30.
  • Myxer – Make and share mobile phone ringtones and wallpapers.
  • Ring Factory – Software to create ringtones from your favorite music. Works on any WAP phone. Choose music from recording artists. Also choose wallpapers.
  • Ringtone Media Studio – Software to create ringtones, wallpaper and video clips for cell phones.
  • VoxTone – U.K.-based service uses professional voices to make custom ringtones. Available in U.K., U.S., Canada and other countries.
  • Xingtone Ringtone Maker – Ringtone-making software creates ringtones from MP3, WAV, and CD audio. Output to WAP.

6. Cover (face-plate) and Case Vendors

The accessory products for mobile phones from the following vendors tend to be more stylish and have a more designer appearance than standard accessories:

  • Cheetah – Brand of stylish cell phone cases. Search the Web and find a retailer.
  • GelaSkins ˇ Removable/reusable stick-on high-quality artwork/photo covers for iPhone and iPod.
  • Griffin Technology ˇ Quality iPhone, iPod and iPad cases and covers.
  • Infectious ˇ Peel-and-stick vinyl skins for iPhone and Blackberry.
  • Jenny Oz – Fashionable multicolored studded cell phone covers for women.
  • Milante – Stylish high-quality cell phone cases.
  • SkinIt ˇ Large collection of skins (covers) for cell phones and other consumer electronics products. Upload any photo to make a custom cell phone skin.
  • Speck Products – Protective covers (skins) and cases for mobile devices.
  • Swapsets – Fashionable and well-designed wearable technology accessories for women. Steffi Thomas line of headbands, headsets, headphones and dangles.
  • ZAGG – Durable invisibleSHIELD cases for cell phones. Image upload to create original ZAGGskins.

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