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Cell Phone Accessories

Accessories and add-ons can make your cellphone do more things, work better or look cool. Learn about accessories for your cellphone by reading helpful guides, unbiased reviews, cool stuff and best buys and finding interesting vendors.

  1. Mobilook Guides – for accessories and add-ons for mobile phones
  2. Best Buys and Cool Stuff
  3. Accessory Vendors

1. Mobilook Guides

2. Best Buys and Cool Stuff

Mobile phone products that are great value, very innovative or simply wow:

  • ARC Wireless Solutions Freedom Antenna passive antenna improves reception in car or home .
  • Aliph Jawbone Headset – Stylish, noise-cancellation, high-quality sound. Uses bone conduction to pickup your voice. CNET Editors' Choice.
  • APC UPB10 Mobile Power Pack – The small power pack provides 50 hours of usage for cell phone, BlackBerry, iPod, digital camera, or other USB device.
  • AT&T Remote Monitor – Hardware-software service for remotely monitoring a house and controlling lighting and appliances.
  • Cellboost Instant Power Batteries – A small disposable battery that attaches to the phone and gives an extra 60 minutes of talk time. To use, simply open the pack, plug the battery into the phone and start dialing. Available at Radio Shack.
  • CellStart Uses a cell phone to start car, unlock doors or receive break-in alerts. Monthly service operates on Cingular GSM network and is compatible with most U.S. wireless carriers. By JBS Technologies.
  • Coveroo – Replaces the back cover of BlackBerry, Motorola, Samsung or LG handsets with a laser-etched version with a logo or custom graphics.
  • Jabra BT800 Bluetooth Headset – Innovative design and easy operation.
  • Jenny Oz – Fashionable multicolored studded cellphone covers for women.
  • nSignia – Stand out from the crowd with exotic leather cases made of cowhide, kangaroo, ostrich and crocodile. Choose the handset model, style and color you want. Get your initials embossed on your case.
  • Oakley-Motorola RAZRWire Bluetooth Sunglasses – Eyeglass frame-mounted headset. Available second half 2005.
  • Plantronics Pulsar 590 Bluetooth Stereo Headset – Listen wirelessly to music and movies with excellent audio quality. Switch to mobile phone calls with the single touch of a button. With telescoping microphone.
  • TellPhone 3000 – Full-featured voice-activated hands-free car kit. Made by Raytel.
  • ZAGG invisibleSHIELD Skin – Clear, thin and durable protector for cell phones.

3. Accessory Vendors

There are many suppliers, retailers and websites that sell various mobile phone accessories. Mobilook recommends the following vendors:

  • Accessory Geeks Full line of mobile accessories.
  • Aliph Jawbone noise-cancellation headsets.
  • Belkin Complete line of cell phone accessories for most phones.
  • BlueAnt Australia's largest supplier of Bluetooth peripheral devices such as Supertooth II handsfree speakerphone, X5 Stereo Headset and X3 Micro Headset. For US and Canada sales, see BlueAnt North America.
  • Brother MPrint Mobile micro-printers work with Pocket PC, Palm PDA and Windows Mobile Smartphones. Infra-red and Bluetooth interfaces.
  • CellMax Taiwan-based manufacturer of cellphone accessories. Sold at The Telephone Booth and other retailers.
  • CellPhoneShop Full line of cell phone accessories.
  • Digital Lifestyle Outfitters: CellShell Clear plastic cases for Motorola RAZR phones.
  • foneGEAR Full-line cellular accessory store.
  • Gennum Line of headsets.
  • iFrogz Custom iPod cases, skins, covers. iPhone Cases. BlackBerry cases.
  • GelaSkins Removable/reusable stick-on high-quality artwork/photo covers for iPhone and iPod.
  • Griffin Technology Quality iPhone, iPod and iPad cases and covers.
  • Incase Cases, covers, sleeves and chargers for iPhone. Power Slider case has rechargeable battery.
  • Infectious Peel-and-stick vinyl skins for iPhone and Blackberry.
  • Kensington Bluetooth USB adapters for cell phones. SmartTip power adapters.
  • MobiloStore Large France-based vendor of mobile phones and accessories.
  • Motorola H5 Miniblue Headset Hands-free wireless Bluetooth headset. Built-in microphone cancels out background noise. Talk on your cell phone from up to 30 feet away. Includes a portable charger.
  • OtterBox Covers and cases for cell phones
  • Pentax PocketJet Portable and ultra-portable printers.
  • Planet Wireless Brand of cell phone accessories. Sold at Best Buy and other retailers.
  • Plantronics Leading maker of a full line of mobile headsets.
  • Play.com Mobile – U.K.-based vendor with good selection of batteries, memory, cases, chargers, hands-free kits and SIM cards.
  • Polaroid PoGo Instant Mobile Printer – Prints from cell phone or digital camera.
  • PowerMat – Wireless charging system (mat and receiver) for iPhone, BlackBerry, iPod.
  • Rhinoskin – Complete line of cases, including aluminum hardcases, for PDAs and smartphones.
  • Shure Sound-isolating earphones, such as model E500, block out nearby sounds. Available at electronics and audio retailers.
  • SkinIt Large collection of skins (covers) for cell phones and other consumer electronics products. Upload any photo to make a custom cell phone skin.
  • Speck Products – Complete assortment of protective covers (skins)and face-plates for mobile devices.
  • Swapsets – Fashionable and well-designed wearable technology accessories for women. Steffi Thomas line of headbands, headsets, headphones and dangles.
  • Targus – Power adapters and AC/DC power inverters for cell phones.
  • WirelessGround.com – Web-based retailer of accessories for cell phones and PDAs.
  • ZAGG – Durable covers and cases for cell phones and gadgets.

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